How to Calibrate an iPod Touch

Beyond its movie, gaming Cheap Nike Free Run and music capabilities, the iPod Touch can now be used for physical fitness as well. With Nike + iPod technology, the second-generation iPod Touch can connect to compatible gym equipment to provide entertainment and record information from your workout. The Nike + iPod system also records data from your Nike shoe when you run. The Nike + iPod system works with several different types of iPod products.Other People Are ReadingHow to Calibrate a Touch ScreenHow to Calibrate an iTouchThings You'll NeedNike + iPod systemShow MoreInstructions Calibrating Before Your Walk or Run1Tap the "Settings" option located on the home screen.2Select the "Nike + iPod" icon and turn it on. You may have to scroll to find the icon.3Link the Nike + iPod sensor by tapping the "Sensor" option. Wait approximately 10 seconds for the link to complete.4Select the "Calibration" option. Select the settings for your walk or run, including the distance and your music selection.Calibrating Based on Your Previous Workout5Select "End Workout" after you have completed your walk or run.6Touch the "Calibrate" option located on the workout summary screen.7Choose the "Total Distance" you traveled and insert the information into your iPod Touch.8Touch "Done" at the top corner of the screen, indicating you have input the correct distance.9Touch "Done" once you have reached the workout summary screen.Tips & WarningsAccording to the Apple website, to successfully calibrate your iPod touch for Nike + iPod running, you must travel a minimum distance of 1/4 mile.Check the make and model of your iPod before attempting to calibrate your iPod. Calibration instructions may vary across models and generations.External factors such as weather or running surface may affect how accurate the Nike + iPod system records your data.Ensure that your iPod is secure before beginning any workout to reduce the possibility of it becoming damaged nike free run australia.