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How to Calibrate the Nike + iPod Sensor

You can't survive your morning run Cheap Nike Free Run without music so you bought an iPod Nano. Since that purchase your runs have become more enjoyable, and you actually look forward to waking up early. Now Nike and iPod have teamed to create a sensor for your shoe that communicates distance to your iPod. Here's how to calibrate your Nike + iPod so you can be sure that your favorite running accessory is accurate.Other People Are ReadingHow to Hold Your iPod While JoggingHow to Cut a Spot in a Shoe Sole for a Nike SensorInstructions 1Go to a track or pre-measured place where you can be sure of the distance you are running. This makes the calibration exact.2Insert the sensor in your Nike shoe. Plug the connector into your iPod Nano. Put on your earbuds or headphones.3Turn on your iPod and select Nike+iPod then settings then sensor and finally calibrate. Press the center button on your iPod.4Choose "Run," and then select the distance you wish to use to calibrate.5Push the center button and run the distance. Perform the run at your normal pace to achieve maximum results from the calibration.6Press "Menu" and choose "Done Calibrating" when you have run the required distance. Your iPod tells when the calibration worked.7Calibrate your walk by repeating the steps and choosing "Walk" instead of "Run." Walk at your normal pace.Tips & WarningsThe calibration will be accurate if you run at a steady and even pace. Variations in your running will lessen the precision of the calibration.Do not go faster or slower than your normal rate Nike Free Run.