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How to Calibrate Nikes´╗┐

The Nike+ SportBand is a device that monitors the distance, pace, length and calories burned by the wearer while she is walking or running Nike Free Run. This device can be strapped around the ankle or inserted inside a specially designed pouch included in some Nike shoes. Although the Nike+ SportBand is 90 percent accurate, serious runners may want to further improve the precision of the device by calibrating it so that the results reflect the wearer's natural running and walking strides.Other People Are ReadingHow to Calibrate Nike With the iPhone 4How to Calibrate the Nike+ SportBandThings You'll NeedNike+ SportBandNike+ Utility SoftwarePC with a USB portInternet ConnectionShow MoreInstructions 1Open your Web browser and navigate to the Nike Plus "Downloads" page. Download the "Nike+ Utility Installer" and install the program.2Launch Nike+ and connect the SportBand Link to your computer's USB port. Follow all prompts and commands to complete the initial set up.3Put the Link back into the SportBand. Strap the band to your ankle and activate it by walking a brief distance at a normal pace and then holding down the Link's "Record" button for 3 seconds.4Press the "Record" button one time and run or walk a known distance of a minimum of a quarter mile to begin the recording process. Push down the "Record" button for 3 seconds to end the recording process when your walk or run is complete.5Connect the SportBand Link to your computer's USB port and open the Nike+ program. Access the settings by clicking the small "i" found in the lower right-hand corner of the main screen if the calibration screen does not open automatically.6Select the "Calibration" tab on the subsequent screen. The date and distance of the run or walk is displayed within the tab. Enter the true exact distance for an accurate calibration. Click the "Done" or "Apply" button to save the results.Tips & WarningsMixing walking and running during the recording process distorts the calibration process and causes a "no walks or runs were useful" message to appear under the "Calibration" tab. nike free run australia ´╗┐