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How to Calibrate the Nike+ SportBand´╗┐

The Nike+ SportBand combines a wrist band with a sensor that fits Cheap Nike Free Run under the insole of specially-designed shoes. The SportBand allows you to record information about your running and walking workouts. It measures calories burned, distance, pace and time. Although the band comes pre-calibrated, you can make the sensor more accurate by calibrating it yourself.Other People Are ReadingHow to Clean NikesHow to Reset a Nike Plus Sports BandInstructions 1Press the "Record" button on the wrist band and hold it for 3 seconds. When the shoe icon appears, start running (or walking) and hit the "Record" button a second time.2Run or walk a measured distance of at least a quarter-mile.3Press the "Record" button at the end of your run. Hold the button until you see the "END" message on your wrist band.4Remove the link from the SportBand by sliding it out. Connect it to your computer through the USB port.5Click on "i" icon, located in the lower right-hand corner, to open the settings window. Then, click on "Calibration," the far-right tab.6Use the up and down buttons located on the right of the calibration window to adjust the length of your run or walk to the actual distance traveled.7Click "Done" to save your changes.Tips & WarningsThe easiest place to do your calibration runs or walks in on a running track. These tracks are very accurately measured.You must calibrate the Nike+ SportBand separately for running and walking.You can only calibrate one style at a time. After you have calibrated your walking (or running) pace, upload the information to your computer. Then, repeat the process while running  nike free run australia´╗┐ (or walking). ´╗┐